Fallacies of the Dominican Republic

Well, the title makes you wonder what fallacies are there about the Dominican Republic. I will say this, if you’re sensitive, then I don’t recommend this post to you. I am one to not mince words and I’m sure someone will not agree, which I’m okay with as we are all entitled to our own opinions.  As we research our ancestors, we come across the inevitable, stories about how society may view an island and it’s people. We will come across ignorance, bigotry, assumptions, and yes, racism. None of these items are just unique to the Dominican Republic but it is something we see across this planet we all call home.

I’ll start off with something light but it will lead to more complex issues that impact many of us. However, only we can change things for the better. I’ll start with one that most of us from the Caribbean are quite familiar with, no matter which island or country we are from.  The biggest fallacy that exists that leads many to take serious chances to come to the USA; land of gold.

Fallacy #1

The belief of how rich you’ll become by just arriving in the USA. How many stories have been passed down and even asked of us when we go back to our islands about how money grows on trees in our backyards? How many times have many of us been asked if there is money laying that we can pick up off the streets in the USA?

money 2

Yes, we have all heard these stories and these stories have been going on for decades. I can say that it goes back at least 50 years based on discussions we have had over the many years.  No matter how many times we attempt to correct this belief, it seems to take hold and those on the island refuse to let it go.  So here is one fallacy that we all must help in eradicating because it is usually the poor who fall victim to it. Those of African descent are the most susceptible.

Unfortunately, even when I clarified for many that it was not true, they gave me the skeptic look as if I was trying to keep the money to myself. So I proposed the question to many, “What makes this island so special that I would want to leave the USA and skip on collecting money if that were the case?”. Another question, “If we had so much money, why visit a poor island when there are so many other places in the world I could possibly visit?”.  This kept many thinking and I hope that they realize that they will be faced with hardship and even the potential of struggling even further since the US government is cracking down on illegal immigration.

Becoming rich is a complex issue and as the saying goes, it takes money to make money.  So yes, working 2 or 3 jobs just to keep a roof over your head is very realistic for many families from the Caribbean, especially when you start off with nothing.

Fallacy #2