In Search of Fidelia Lorenzo de Castillo

I knew before heading down to Dominican Republic that I had planned on writing about my trip. There are so many topics I want to cover that involved family, family history, and the country as I went there to research. However, I was not expecting to add topics to what I wanted to post about. Yet here I find myself glaring at things I never thought I would write about.  So I will start with one topic at a time.

My main mission was to figure out who was my great-grandmother, Fidelia Lorenzo’s parents. I thought of searching the archives, seeking information but was glad that instead many of the family members that still live in the town of San Antonio de Guerra could fill the gaps. In addition, visiting the archives is chaotic as many are visiting there for many other reasons.

Upon arriving, I was sadden to see so many in the town living in poverty but the people are so happy there. It proves that a simpler life is at many times way better than the stressful lives we live in the States. Families make ends meet and realize that they do not have the resources that many Americans have such as public assistance. Many live off the land and make do with what they have. They are also happy to share what they have with anyone they welcome into their homes.

So going back to my family in Guerra, I can say that my family is amazing. I was greeted by my cousin Carlos is who is a medical doctor and was impressed with how well he spoke English. His wife was truly amazing and welcomed us while we waited for Carlos to arrive as he was out and about.

He then took me to see my mother’s first cousins who for years I never knew existed but met them via social media since none have been to the USA and I do not recall if I met them at the age of 11. However, upon walking into their home, it was as if I just saw them yesterday and the laughter, jokes, and stories came out about the past. There were even tears from the eldest cousin, Nureya, who has the nickname of Yiyin, who is currently 80 years of age.

She was so amazing and has a good memory and recalled how she played as a child with my mother and Uncle Mike.  So upon her telling me these stories, I asked her if she remembers who were her great-grandparents, Fidelia Lorenzo’s parents. And what was so amazing, she did! So Fidelia’s parents are Pedro Lorenzo and Altagracia Rosario Castillo.