My name is Anna and I’ve always had an interest in my family’s ancestry since the early 80’s as a preteen. My ancestry is Dominican (maternal) and Puerto Rican (paternal).  As a preteen, I received some push back when I started off with the typical “we don’t talk about these things” responses when asking about my Dominican ancestry.  I took on researching family history in the early 1990’s since I wanted to understand more about my family once I discovered I was Puerto Rican.  Through this discovery, I was able to build a tree with close to 7,000 family members that includes both sides.

I have a sister website called Genealogia Nuestra (link on menu) that helps many others find their ancestors through records. My father always said that to know your ancestors is to know yourself.  I truly believe this as I discover the strong women that had to endure a lot in order to make it possible for me to be here.

I now want to begin researching my African ancestors that were brought to the Caribbean that exist on my maternal and paternal lines. I have tested with both 23andme and AncestryDNA in seeking connections to only discover my genetic cousins across the Caribbean, Central, and South America.  I was also surprised to discover African American cousins from the southern USA. I plan to share my discoveries on this website and hopefully help others seeking theirs too.

In addition, I have a Lebanese ancestry via Maronite Catholics and their tale of facing persecution and I want to continue to research. It is extremely important to understand how we are possibly here as I think we all take many things for granted.  I am humbled by many of the findings I have uncovered and continue to uncover. I hope you come along for the ride as I continue to share the stories of our family.